January Marx Knoop




  January Knoop is well represented throughout the United States and Europe by her sculptures, paintings, prints and drawings. Jan earned a B. A. in Cultural Anthropology from Vassar College. Primarily a self-taught artist, she spent five years on the faculty of the DeCordova Museum School in Lincoln, Massachusetts, before returning to her native Cincinnati area where she now works and lives, in a barn remodeled by her architect husband. Throughout her career as an artist, Knoop has felt a strong sense of collaboration with her chosen mediums. "Working together", as she puts it, with bones, inks, metal, and paint, she continues to focus on projects which express her views of her very unusual world.
Artist's Statement
I see things that aren't there. Tree bark, clouds, rusted guard rails, crumpled bags, paint splashes, rocks and bones show me images that only exist in my mind. I take what I find and when asked "wanna make something out of it?" I usually do. I have created them in clay and plaster, formed copper, brass, and steel; welded car and motorcycle parts; used vines, feathers, mosaic tiles, paints, inks; and have assembled many animal bones. I continue to experiment and work with bones because of their beauty and an inherent quality in them which attracts me. I somehow feel that they have a sort of mysterious spirit within, which can

come alive again as a new creature...a kind of reincarnation, though maybe not quite what the former beings had in mind for their futures! Some emerge as abstractions; others as the many creatures of fantasy from the world of my imaginings. I let ideas, materials, and relationships interact and connect with each other, much as the forces of my life do, both in a controlled and an uncontrolled way. I hope this process brings forth, in the viewer, emotions that are both personal and universal. Through my work some of the magic in life reveals its secrets to me.






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