January Marx Knoop

"My Bones" are animal bones re-arranged and transformed into new (mostly 'humerus') characters. Most of these bone sculptures have custom-made acrylic cases for displaying them.

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Cupid Damsel in Distress Dancing's in My Bones


Crooner The Dog Family Mask 2 Good Ol Boy Feathered Friends
Feathered Friends II Two Conversations Lovers The Observer Party Girl
Pet 2 Petlet Rhino Serious Seabat Self-Satisfied
U Nay Me Muscle Man Tiny Turtle Tiner Turtle Twogether Too Long
Cow Unmasked Winged One Turtledumb and Turtledeee Guardianne
Mask IV The Prisoner Prince Specialty of the House Sprite The President and His Dog take a Victory Ride
Enchanting Hatchling Child Plays Monster Bonefishes Three Watch, One Sleeps
Giraffe Trio D'Evil One Mask V Totemic Fertility God
The Detectives Ready for Takeoff Uncommon Ancestor Beetle Mouse
Tiny Totem Stargazers Two Halves Make Two Wholes Pumping Iron Primary Birds
Tic Cat Toe   Sibling Stroll   Spatial Relation
In Utero   Three Siblings   Sort of Seal
  Welcome Child    
Boxes of Bones

Body Language


Three Old Hikers Resting Their Bones Waiting
Jockeying for Position American Gothic Revisited
Food Chain #2 Candelabrum Condo
Mean Queen Like Father, Like Son
Snake Dragonflyer
Dancing Class








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