January Marx Knoop
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"Knoop's works look and feel radically different. They are sculptural and painterly due to her application of mixed media. Utilizing gravel, bird feathers and a variety of other objects, her pieces interweave animal and human shapes, emphasizing her belief in the interconnectedness often found in nature. Her choices in material application and composition make for a distinctive exhibition."
City Beat, November, 2005

"The most interesting work on display is Trio, three eccentrically shaped metal plates encrusted with different patterns of metal knobs, drips and hummocks like mineral and crystal growths by Jan Knoop of Cincinnati. A delightfully illusionistic mobile, Trio is suspended from the ceiling, looking deceptively light, like giant bits of leaves or bits of torn cardboard. It is only on a second look that you realize the soft-spoken threat of weight over your head."
The Louisville Courier-Journal

"Here the artist dazzles us with her improvised creation made of found objects. Goose on Grass, I thought, was interesting not only because it was colorful and playful, but also because it was very inventive."
Curator, Decorative Arts Museum Catalogue, Little Rock, AR.

"The display of your work has been a delight to me, and I have heard many others say that it is the best exhibit the gallery has offered...it is...satisfying to be able to provide exhibit space for a young artist with something to say and the talent to express it as wonderfully as you are able to do."
Board Chairman and C.E.O., The Kroger Company

"Jan Marx Knoop is more archetypal in her paintings and more visionary in her bone assemblages. Her colors often suggest considerable knowledge of primitive artifacts and recall the muted colors of primitive textiles, which are wonderfully suited to the subtlety of her more cosmic symbolism...Several are pure magic, subtle in color and poetic in form..."
Atlanta Art Papers

"Her sculptures are imaginative constructions of animal bones that capture the spirit of both humans and animals. Her paintings are of very textured and brightly colored imaginary creatures."
Sarasota Herald

"The redoubtable Jan Knoop is another member of the group who is achieving a definite identity. Prolific and versatile, Knoop makes sculptures, paintings... works with metal, acrylics, animal bones - you name it."
Cincinnati Magazine

"Masks is a wonderful exhibit, full of life and color and excitement. Particularly outstanding is the mask made of cattle bones by Cincinnatian Jan Knoop. Vertebrae are perched atop a pelvis and painted so as to seem to be small animals. It hovers somewhere between whimsical and terrifying."
The Cincinnati Post

"Most of the attention goes to the welded metal animals of Jan Knoop, who builds comic animals out of found metal objects. The use of the materials is clever, the craft excellent, the whimsy enjoyable. My attention, though, was captured by her black and white drawings, whose interwoven patterns and forms are complex and subtle enough to survive repeated viewings."
The Cincinnati Enquirer

"The exhibition of works by members of the Boston Visual Artists Union marks the continuation of an innovative cultural exchange. Jan Knoop's copper, brass, and bronze King II is a commanding piece that would impress German viewers as much as it now is fascinating Bostonians."
The Christian Science Monitor

"...remarkable work of a remarkable artist. Her work is truly astonishing and most worthy of your attention."
Carl Little, Director, Blum Gallery

"Ms. Knoop enjoys an eclectic artistic career of 30 years that largely shows off her exuberant sensibility. …wild swirl of colors and…gently primitive-mythical figures…"
Laurie Schreiber, The Bar Harbor Times



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