Metamorphosis History


Metamorphosis images 79 and 80

Over time, this sequential series of ink paintings has been evolving. Each is composed on a successive page, and each is dependent on its predecessor and gives rise to its successor. The ink applied to complete a painting bleeds through to the page beneath. The ink traces suggest new positive and negative shapes that are then developed into a complete and detailed composition, allowing ink to bleed onto the following page, which suggests still different forms.




At the presentation's end is the "bleed through" for the painting still to come. And so the sequence advances. Each painting emerges from the previous in an unbroken chain from the first, hence the name Metamorphosis. Within each single painting is an additional level of metamorphosis, as creatures and forms emerge from seemingly negative space. The organic forms themselves complement this discovery process. Shapes advance and recede across each individual page, forming and reforming from page to page, thus bringing the viewer into the process of creation.

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