What is Metamorphosis?

The Metamorphosis CD ROM is an interactive version of numerous ink paintings originally made on paper. The CD contains 48 paintings that "morph", each one visually dissolving into the next. You can view the paintings two ways. First, you can see a continuous presentation of all the images, accompanied by the artist's original synthesizer composition. Second, you can go to the "Gallery," where all the images are displayed as miniatures. Here you can choose to view just one image at a time. When you click on a miniature, you will see a larger version of the image and hear its unique sound motif composed by the artist. From this screen you can make the images morph back and forth at your own pace. Then you can return to the Gallery to choose another image!

Also featured on this CD are: a video of the artist telling how the original work was created, an artist's statement and photograph, a written description of the Metamorphosis process, plus contact and credit information.

If you have ever seen another CD like this one, January Knoop would like to know about it!


Click here to view Metamorphosis in Motion, the continuous presentation of the the images, accompanied by the artist's original synthesizer composition. It is looped to repeat the presentation from the beginning.

From Metamorphosis in Motion, click on the "back" arrow (<-) on the menu of your browser window to return to the website. Thank you!

updated 4/26/06


View Metamorphosis Miniatures

Metamorphosis History

The Metamorphosis CD-ROM is now available!

How to order the Metamorphosis CD-ROM for only $20
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By e-mail:
By telephone or text: 513-633-6760

By mail:

C. B. Knoop
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Cincinnati, OH 45202



See also the First Fifty-One of the Metamorphosis series that originally appeared in a show at the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History.

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