January Marx Knoop
Public Art/Corporate Collections




Cincinnati Children's Hospital: 80' wall installation, 15 acrylic Puzzled Paintings, 2002

Cincinnati's BIG PIG GIG: The Three Pigs, paint on fiberglas, 2000

LVAA, Louisville, KY: Waterside, Sidewalk Drawing, 1996

Decorative Arts Museum, Little Rock AR: Metal Pull Toys, Permanent Collection, 1992, 1998

Art on the Square, Cincinnati, OH: Cincy Metro Bus Painting, 1995; Sidewalk Drawing, 1996

Cassette Cover Design, Cincinnati, OH: Uncle Six Rock Band, Drawing, 1993

University of Cincinnati Tangeman Gallery: Exhibit Poster, 1990

Community Service (Norton, Inc.) Billboard Design, Cincinnati, OH: 48' x 14' oil on metal, 1990

City of Cincinnati Bicentennial: Sidewalk Installation, 25' circle; mosaic tile images, 1988

JACOR Communications, Cincinnati, OH: Welded Sculpture, 1985

Boston City Hospital: Braze-welded copper mobiles, 1976




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