January Marx Knoop
Selected Solo Exhibitions




ETC Gallery, Cincinnati, OH: Prints, 1998

Two Township Libraries, Cincinnati, OH: Paintings, 1998

Wittenberg College/University, Springfield, OH: Prints & Bone Assemblages, 1997

College of the Atlantic Blum Gallery, Bar Harbor, ME: Bones in the Blum, (2-person show), 1996

Bear Gallery, Mason, OH: Paintings, Prints, Sculpture, 1994-1995

Joseph-Beth Booksellers, Cincinnati, OH: Ink Paintings, 1994; Acrylics, 1995

Point of View Gallery, Augusta, KY: Paintings & Sculpture, 1993

Koster Gallery, Cincinnati, OH: Continuation, Sculptures & Paintings, 1991

National Jigsaw Puzzle Championships, Athens, OH: Art Puzzles, 1991

Live Ink Gallery, Augusta, KY: In and Out of Control, Sculptures & Paintings, 1990

Cincinnati Museum of Natural History: Metamorphosis, Ink Paintings #1 - #50, 1986

Contemporary Artifacts, Cincinnati, OH: Animalia, Paintings & Sculptures, 1984




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